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    Virtual Executive Assistant Daily Checklist to Enhance Productivity: EA Assistant Checklist

    Virtual Executive Assistant Daily Checklist to Enhance Productivity: EA Assistant Checklist

    An executive assistant job is fast-paced and dynamic, changes daily, and often has many tasks to complete. An executive assistant’s daily task is to keep track of the to-do list. Tracking the daily task can help you take charge of your day and complete your daily tasks more effectively. A virtual executive assistant checklist comprises many things that help to enhance productivity of the company.

    A virtual executive assistant is mainly responsible for administrative tasks on behalf of a company. Virtual executive assistants also help a company with calendar management, bookkeeping, calling services, event planning, and travel booking. Assistance provided by virtual executive assistants allows higher officials in an organization to concentrate, focus on the task at hand.

    Job of a virtual executive personal assistant’s is diverse. Virtual executive do not do a limited job. EAs are both organized and versatile. And then they can take up any task at anytime.

    Online Executive Assistant Daily Checklist For Project Management, Daily Schedule

    #1 Prioritization of tasks is most important – 

    The EA knows exactly which task to prioritize based on the goal of the organization. Many virtual executive assistants follow the ABCDE Method. Prioritizing tasks based on importance or submission date, with “A”. Defining tasks that are highest in priority and “E” the least priority task.

    #2 Colour Coding – 

    Many virtual executive assistant use color coding to prioritize tasks. Red signifies the task that needs immediate attention and prioritizing. Whereas orange means the task that comes next in importance, and green means low-priority tasks. 

    #3 Morning Checklist – 

    Maintaining a morning checklist is essential for a virtual executive assistant. Setting up a morning checklist for yourself makes you feel and must have organizational skills. This includes managing work-related tasks and allocating and delegating tasks under one executive assistant role that involves categorizing tasks.

    #4 Stay up to date – 

    A virtual assistant, particularly those working online, must always stay up to date with the industry and the area of work he is assigned. Staying updated with current trends and the expertise required to meet the work criteria. This is an important role of an executive assistant that includes board meetings online, tracking morning routine, handling urgent tasks, and analyzing daily checklist to help keep the executive’s inbox well managed. 

    #5 Manage Emails

    Manage Emails

    When you are working as an executive assistant, you will meet with a new set of work and challenges every day. So what you do daily and how you manage to do them efficiently is all that matters for you to stay relevant in this industry.  Once all important emails have been sent and all other important tasks to be completed are sorted, get down to deep work, and get the most critical projects done first. Then you will gradually gain momentum to complete the rest of the tasks at ease and a fast pace.

    #6 Handling Strategic Goals

    A strategic and efficient Virtual Executive Assistant will be working by keeping in mind the business direction or goal and the executive’s particular KPIs and prioritizing and managing time accordingly. One must understand the organization’s strategic goals and how one’s contribution can help the company schedule time appropriately.

    #7 Check To-do Lists

    Last but not least, you will need a powerful routine to end the day that can help you mentally declutter for the day and set you up for another productive day tomorrow. It is important to remember that a physical and digital declutter will help you start the next day in a better way, without any distractions. 

    Here are a few points that a virtual administrative assistant must consider to work effectively and stay ahead in the competition, since in current times, a lot of companies are hiring executive assistants, and they are quite in demand.

    Virtual Assistant Checklist: Calendar Management, Office Management Assistant Role

    #1 Communications- 

    Communication is the key to any relationship, whether professional or personal. Virtual Executive Assistants should draft all communications to staff and other employees. This includs notes for meetings, updates, or news, done daily. Communication skills can also help them stay organized and on track with everything they need to process tasks that need a rapid feedback to keep pace with the organization’s workload.

    When the note is essential or contains high-level information, Assistants should prepare the message for their senior Executive, asking them to review the note or amend the details before sending the communication forward on behalf of the Executive. Virtual Executive Assistants should also be able to deal with all inbound communications and organize and decide which information the Executive should be made aware of. They must also know how to communicate and manage Asana to process meeting requests manage end-of-day routines, and proofread mistakes.

    #2 Research – 

     Research – 

    Virtual office assistants should do research on behalf of their manager as a part of their task. Moreover this could be any task on behalf of the organization, from finding out the details about a new client and their existing business. Doing research saves company’s time and helps them prepare better for meetings and gauge new individuals.  

    Research involves time management, never miss a well-organized meeting, and it is always a good idea to streamline the result of research work in case essential tasks need to be completed. 

    #3 Administration of documents – 

    Virtual Executive Assistants should also ensure that all confidential materials are handled with care. All documents sent to executive by the company are printed first. The same applies to the board papers and board-level reports.

    #4 Timeboxing – 

    Time boxing helps to manage tasks more efficiently. Moreover this is done so that each task can be assigned with an ample amount of time and completed on time. Timeboxing, helps in completing tasks on time and more efficiently. This can help accomplish potential issues or anything urgent and save time to help you keep any point of contact achievable. Such assistant tasks work best for the betterment of the organization. 

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    #5 Email and Diary Management – 

    The company hires a virtual assistant to ease the task of a company. Besides that assistants might have to manage all of their executive’s emails. In addition to Email and Diary Management is a task that requires attention to detail. This also includes replying to incoming emails on time. This also includes sending outgoing emails too.  

    They should be able to reply to incoming emails and send out emails on behalf of their manager. The Assistant should be able to completely control the company executive’s calendar. Besides when changes are made in emails and the diary the executive should be kept in the loop. Moreover this is done indefinitely which is discussed during the assistant/executive daily catch-up meeting.

    #6 Business travel – 

    Virtual assistants are responsible for organizing the business travel of company executives.  Assistants take care of all aspects of their executives business travel. However, updates and travel plans should be discussed with the executive during the daily catchup meeting. Moreover one can have the time to get to know the big picture corresponding to Covid 19 or better places to visit to find the best travel experience. 

    Siddhartha Basu

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