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    Why Hire a Virtual Office Assistant Over a Full-Time Employee?

    Why Hire a Virtual Office Assistant Over a Full-Time Employee?

    The list we’ve provided so far might sound great to you. What if you’re still not convinced it would be best to hire a full-time employee? Here are a few specific benefits of hiring a virtual office assistant. Despite their limitations, you’ll find that they offer far more overlap than you ever anticipated. There are many benefits to going to a virtual assistant

    #1. Lowering Costs

    Apart from small business, even large corporations are planning to increase the number of freelancers and remote workers they hire by 80%. Consequently, they reduce costs. Unlike a full-time employee, a virtual office assistant does not require retirement or health benefits from you – only an hourly rate. It simplifies your bottom line more than anything else. This allows you to be more flexible.

    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the worker’s average hourly cost includes $11.48 in benefits alone, well above the minimum wage. Therefore, you could afford to hire a virtual assistant who worked full-time for the price of your benefits. Virtual assistants with specific office administration skills should command a fair salary. A virtual assistant is an affordable alternative to a full-time employee when you consider how much these other expenses can add up.

    #2. Increase in Productivity

    In addition to working exclusively part-time, virtual assistants offer another benefit. This means they can focus exclusively on your work with specific skills. 

    Statistics show that full-time employees with the right skills are productive for only three hours a day. It means that you’re paying benefits and a full-time salary for someone to work hard for just three hours. However, that doesn’t mean your employees aren’t trying. If a virtual assistant has a clear understanding of their role, they can use those productive hours to assist you with the most important tasks of the day.

    It’s easy to move forward if you’re already convinced. While they are simple, adding someone like a VA to your staff can be a bit intimidating if you haven’t done it before. Therefore, we have created a straightforward process:

    Find the right customer success manager for you. Keeping things simple here is our goal. It’s hard to decide which hire might be best for your needs if you don’t know which one to choose. During this stage of the process, our customer success manager will be able to identify some potential hires that may be a fit for your company. Making a choice. Is there a virtual office assistant or administrator you can hire? Ensure that they have the skills and experience you require for your office.‍

    Entrepreneurs Need to Consider a Virtual Office Assistant With Specific Skills

    Entrepreneurs Need to Consider a Virtual Office Assistant With Specific Skills

    You’re probably wondering what we mean. What is a virtual office assistant? Are you sure? When someone is only at your workplace on a virtual basis, how can they be a full-time office assistant? It’s surprising what you’d find out. In addition to data entry, bookkeeping, and administrative support, people who work from home can still take on many of the typical “assistant jobs” found in offices. Most people think hiring an office assistant means hiring someone who can physically be there. This isn’t necessarily the case, and we’re going to show you why. A virtual office assistant can handle every office task you need effectively, cost-effectively, and efficiently

    Hire Virtual Office Assistant: Basic Tasks To Delegate to Virtual Assistant Services Provider.

    Hire Virtual Office Assistant: Basic Tasks To Delegate to Virtual Assistant Services Provider.

    First things first: what can you actually have a virtual office assistant accomplish? The short answer is that they can take on any basic administrative jobs around the office that don’t require their physical presence. No, they can’t lift boxes for you—but they can lift a major part of your company’s load nonetheless.

    Here are some of the most important tasks that virtual assistants can handle:

    #1. Making Travel Arrangements Anywhere In The World.

    Are you planning to attend a conference? Which hotel? Are there car arrangements? A personal assistant can help you make these arrangements if you don’t want to do it yourself. If you have an entire team at your company, virtual office assistants handle the arrangements with all eagerness. They can also find a new location to commute to, analyze testimonials and also refer to consultants to give you feedback about the place you might go.

    #2. Data entry With Technical Skills, Microsoft Office

    For growing businesses, data entry can be a major obstacle. You won’t grow your business if your top people spend too much time doing things they should not have to do themselves.  To get started you’ll also need them to process plenty of work, provide support to CRM base entries, variety of industry data management. You can hire virtual assistants to help manage basic website creation, handle sales navigator of Linkedin, transcribe voice files and manage someone’s calendar.

    #3. Bookkeeping, Invoice Creation, Office Software Operation

    Office assistants are responsible for managing expenses and tracking income to keep the books. They must have the skills and experience to handle bookkeeping effectively. It’s important for many virtual assistants to use software to schedule meetings, appointment making, and process several types of tasks in right place.

    #4. Follow-up, Virtual Administrative Tasks, Business Support, Excel, etc

    Are you still waiting for a response from that client? Are you having trouble remembering who to contact after a long weekend? Maintaining your most important communications will be much easier with a virtual office assistant.

    #5. Phone calls, Hr Professionalism, New Clients Handling, Payroll Management

    It is often necessary for a young, growing business to place and answer phone calls simultaneously. In contrast, you can easily handle phone calls from the comfort of your own home with the help of a virtual office assistant.

    #6. Managing Office Supplies, Routing, & Other Specific Tasks

    Are you looking for the best prices on the latest office supplies? Do you need to compare printer ink prices across multiple outlets to find the best deal? Those kinds of time-consuming tasks make virtual office assistants perfect for saving money and saving time. If you know what virtual assistants handle well then you need to be able to let the assistants work on the job description you have mentioned while hiring them.

    #7. Managing Spreadsheets & Calendar

    Whether you need a spreadsheet formatted or created, or if you need to keep track of any essential office tasks, a virtual office assistant can help. Therefore, it’s crucial you hire someone who has experience with spreadsheets, including knowledge of top programs like Kajabi, Hubspot, etc.‍ An entrepreneur like you looking for a virtual assistant can easily differentiate the benefits of an assistant or virtual expert and assign tasks accordingly to get the most profit.

    #8. Provide Ongoing Email Inbox Management Contract Basis

    It shouldn’t be a labyrinth to navigate your inbox. Getting in touch with customers and having them reach out to you should be quick and easy. Yet managing the inbox itself can be a challenging task, involving data entry, contacts management, and so on. Hence outsourcing your inbox to a virtual office assistant makes sense.

    Siddhartha Basu

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