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    30 Ways Virtual Assistant can help you in Research!

    If you ever heard about anyone complaining about hiring a virtual assistant, that’s because they have “nothing in their hand to outsource! We would always beg to differ on the subject of not hiring a virtual assistant. In conducting research, one main field which we could all use as a helping hand is the hand of a virtual assistant. Consider the figures. Business-to-business analysts, to the tune of 77 per cent, would not even contact a salesperson until they have finished their homework; 55% of people do product research on the social media and 78% of all Internet users do online product analysis.

    No matter what company you’re in, everyone needs good research. This is valid even if “surfing” can best be described as your Internet habits. But if you run a small company, you know that research goes far beyond that. The quality of your research will help decide the quality of your marketing activities, your ability to assist customers, and the importance of the content generated by your business.

    If you have already been running your own small business for a while now, no one knows how to do this research quite like you do, for sure. You’re the one who built your business, after all. But there are reasons why you should think about this ability again:

    Why do you need to reconsider some of your study task outsourcing?
    As anything else, the ability to study is a talent. And maybe it’s not an ability you possess in abundance. If you consider yourself a good researcher, by designing an onboarding guide, you can easily outsource the work you normally do. The steps usually taken by the virtual assistant to flesh out your research is outlined here. Be sure that almost all of the virtual assistant will follow these steps and won’t let you miss a beat for your small business.

    But if you think your analysis skills are lacking, there’s even better news. You should add the experience of your virtual assistant as well. A virtual assistant may bring their own talents to the table, in addition to the study that you usually would have done. They can tap into resources that you never knew existed and tools. You may also focus on certain activities and processes by outsourcing a portion of your research that you don’t have time to deal with otherwise, including:

    1. Data Entering. Some studies are, by nature, a bit dry. However, it is not as “arid” as you would think it is. The standard of data entry depends on the skills of the individual handling it, according to popular studies.

    2. Does specialized and investigative research. 2. Does analysis in technical and forensic terminology. You don’t always have time to reach out to people and interview them. Or to enter a Google or Google Books search to dig up old insights. They’re still doing advanced studies. Let’s say it’s a law company you run. Will some old virtual assistant be able to step in and provide you with the answers that you are searching for? They can not even comprehend the questions you ask without that particular experience. Hire anyone in your profession with advanced experience.

    3. Analysis. This is where the ability and experience of a virtual assistant can truly shine. Looking at a spreadsheet is one thing. But it is a special ability set by itself to make heads or tails out of it – something that you don’t often have time to do all by yourself. A lot of sounds? Well, take the example of any of the most research-intensive industries and you can see it all by yourself.

    4. Performs legal research. Legal analysis is not like other research types. It needs its own set of skills and experiences, not only to understand how to search for data, but also to understand what the appropriate responses would look like. With the aid of a variety of media and gadgets, the virtual assistant incorporates some of the best practices for doing legal analysis.

    To identify cases and laws, they use the necessary tools. It’s not as simple as entering it into a Google search to dig up old statutes and cases. Instead of finding quotations from unreliable sources on the Internet, make your Virtual Assistant look at tools such as American Law Papers, legal encyclopedias such as American Jurisprudence, and sources directly from primary scholarly sources.

    Through the right states/jurisdictions, they run the study. Here’s where things can get messy with some legal studies. You may have an experienced researcher working for you if you outsource legal research abroad, but what happens when they look at Texas law and you need to know the laws in Vermont? What if you’re looking for municipal ordinances as they quote federal statutes? Here, only a virtual assistant may be of assistance.

    In addition, they create a list of suitable legal sources and helpful tips. The virtual assistant provides research assistance to the paralegal. They take that assistance from where they have previously conducted this sort of research. Better still, they create a list of suitable legal sources that you know and enjoy. They integrate these into an onboarding document they have obtained from you.

    9. Handles Medical Research
    A far-reaching term is the term “medical research.” To find the answers to difficult questions, you may consult the measures for performing clinical research or consult medical dictionaries. A Virtual Assistant, however, goes one step further. Your VA knows what it means to comply with HIPAA.

    HIPAA is one of the medical industry’s most important laws, and as suggested under these regulations, the virtual assistant knows the limits of their testing. As you never know where the practice is going, they compile the current data for you unless you have a working understanding of all the data at your disposal.

    They find physicians as well as service providers. It can be a big hassle to locate a new physician if you travel or change insurance providers. Through using your insurance company’s website, or social media sites for feedback of prospective physicians, your VA will research for the best choice for a new doctor.

    You can also have your VA call to see if new patients are being approved by the clinic to make an appointment for you. In order to locate service providers for all the unforeseen headaches in life, VA study is also super helpful. Using a VA, fixing your faulty water heater, getting your car repaired, or getting your carpets washed can all be made easier.

    10. Does market analysis
    If most companies have anything in common, it’s that they need to know their markets. In reality, no matter what you’re trying to sell, it helps you know how to conduct research into your market.

    The virtual assistants run tests with A/B. A/B tests give you insights that only the market can provide, such as testing two versions of headlines on a landing page. To learn about their favorite A/B testing apps, visit a virtual assistant. Whether these are two different versions of a print ad or two different versions of an email subject line, tell them what variables you’d like to test.

    They also conduct surveys on top of this. Tools like Survey Monkey, if you know how to use them, are great. Hiring a VA with specific survey expertise will help you perform surveys and obtain feedback from your clients that you would not otherwise have.

    They run Google Analytics efficiently and intelligently. Google Analytics is a powerful tool for web analytics that provides you with insights into who is visiting your site and why. In addition to doing the administrative work of setting up this service, you can use a VA to analyze the details to drive key business insights.

    They do research for rivalry. Looking at where the market is is one of the most important ways to discover where the company stands. Have your VAs run competitive reports; collect all relevant information they can, to give you an image of your current market.

    11. Stats from sources. Let’s say you have a VA to help with content, but in the “sourcing” department, they are a bit short. Next, what should you do? Have an experienced VA manage the sourcing of different statistics so that readers are never left wondering where you got your facts from.

    12. Study on capital. Does your office need a new coffee maker? Which one is one of the best? Do you need to find new tools for handling your email? Outsource a VA to this study and have them post the prices and features of the top options available.

    13. Compilation of a paper. Let’s say that your VA helped you set up Google Analytics, and for a while now you have been collecting data. And what is next? Continue to get the VA involved! Have them prepare a report for you, as part of which they write down their findings and review.

    14. Doing research on travel. Get the best travel deals and make your virtual research assistant do travel research, come up with ideas, thorough itineraries, learn about places of interest, cities, etc.

    15. Does on-flight analysis. A virtual assistant will screen flights and present choices to you according to your requirements. The VA can save an enormous amount of time over the course of a year by supplying them with flights, seats and other preferences.

    16. Hotel analysis. Similar to air travel, they will present a shortlist to you by supplying the virtual assistant with hotel preferences, including any special rates you receive. They also investigate into transportation choices. It involves car rental, rideshare and often even public transport.

    17. LinkedIn research on leads. A list of ideal customers must be maintained by B2B companies (and some B2C companies). A virtual assistant will study LinkedIn and build a list of prospective customers, following your advice. There is a lot of legwork in business growth, whether it is following leads on LinkedIn or seeking email addresses.
    18. Investigate and send gifts. When you don’t have a gift card, your assistant can look for something special and make it happen.

    19. Conducts research at the First Level. For decisions that need to be made, such as which SaaS product to choose, a virtual assistant can conduct first-level research.

    20. Does Research Influencer. It is a difficult assignment to have the right influencer for your brand. You can now stay up to date with the trending influencers in your field with so many people on the block and find the most suitable ones for yourself. Your virtual research assistant is going to scan thousands and save the problem for you.

    21. Research on Product and Market. A virtual research assistant is a right choice if you have marketing strategies and plans to map out and require dedicated hours to extract relevant information from the web to make informed decisions. Your assistant for virtual research can mine data

    The virtual assistant’s business market research services assist in fact-finding. Provide your criteria to them and they will research your subject. They can collect information tailored to your needs using a pre-agreed mix of desk research, online surveys or interviews, providing you with valuable information crucial to your business strategy.

    22. Database Studies. Every company – big or small – is involved in the study of databases. Research on databases provides a strong basis for your direct marketing campaign. In customer segmentation, operating processes and customer service, the database can help. The virtual assistant provides a database in a format that can be directly read, printed or sent by email. Your virtual research assistant can also mine web data and organize it into a database and also update it for you on a regular basis.

    23. Research of Trends. In order to keep you updated without much hassle, your virtual research assistant can stay on the lookout for any new developments and trending news in your field. Unless you are aware of the latest innovations and trends relating to your venture, how will you update your services? Look, each kind of venture has the potential to perform better and better with time. But for that, you need to IDEATE and create new concepts.

    What is trending, what is new development in your fields and what are the new features introduced in the product or services… All such information will assist you to upgrade your offers so that there is no lack of serving the best customers. Your virtual assistant will assist you by studying such data and you do not have to take care of it time explicitly to review ongoing trends.

    24. Study the Web. Get quotes and ratings of something you would like to shop online. For you to compare and make the right purchase choice, your virtual assistant will carry out choices. Their internet market analysis service involves everything from finding data to checking business contacts or potential customers through company information sites. They can perform customer satisfaction surveys, study the competition, find content for blogs and social media, or explore markets and trends, depending on your requirements.

    25. Your Business And Digital Marketing strategy study. Digital Assistant can assist you in developing a digital marketing strategy, performing research to assess where your future customers meet online, delivering online marketing analytics, and identifying the social networks you can join in your industry. They’re investigating your business.

    The Virtual Assistant will assist you in studying your rivals and suppliers, investigating potential clients and business prospects, preparing reports on the target sector and current market, identifying new products and services, reviewing the particular subject, collecting market data and finding statistics, updating you on industry changes.
    It also allows you to find company connections and get in touch with the right individuals. The Virtual Assistant will assist you with your sales. They will locate business contacts and find individuals, make calls to your executives, explore new potential markets and opportunities, make telemarketing calls, plan calls for your leads and advertising content, contracts and individual plans, details on the input order to your database, planning and submitting invoices, and finally coping with sales management.

    26. Digital Assistant for Content. It is difficult to disregard the significance of daily content development when running an online company. Given that, a large chunk of your time can be taken up by research and writing. Therefore, ask your VA to take this burden off your shoulder to do this job, as they can study and write enticing material.

    27. Digital Assistants may help arrange events related to leisure. When you are moving to a new place, whether it is for work or fun, Virtual Assistant research is particularly helpful. For instance, your VAs help customers to plan a trip, for example to Nashville, that includes discovering everything from the best dining and grocery shopping spots to interesting tourist attractions and music venues.

    Your clients will be the part of a fantastic family trip to places like Disney park, and within an hour of checking into the hotel, their Shipt delivery (complete with toddler-approved healthy snacks) arrived, nipping any hungry concerns in the bud and fast-tracking the visit with Mickey. Moreover, as a part of the Don’t Panic Management that the virtual assistant conducts is the travel research for clients attending some venues like a wedding in Paris.

    Many a time, the customers often decide to travel via trains to small towns in supposing the French countryside from say Paris. The Virtual Assistant checks and researches for the best choices; introduces them to the customer and books tickets for them. The Virtual Assistant researches and assists you in finding a quality hotel at the best price for your clients. Your VA will be searching the websites of hotels but also places like Expedia or Travelocity. If you book at the last minute, you might be able to get a better price on these pages with their help.

    28. You may also delegate repetitive activities to your VA, such as research on rivals or clients. Often the VAs helps a client with new business research by identifying products that bring in a certain annual sales each year in a targeted area. For a public relations client, another VA performs regular scans.

    The Virtual Assistant searches for consumer and competitor mentions so that the customer recognizes what kind of traffic they will receive. Sending gifts to customers is just another job for you that your VA should address. The holidays are a great time for the VA to outsource your gift shopping. A VA can help your clients to test suggestions about what to give their customers.

    29. As part of your business strategy, a VA may also assist with activities you may not have otherwise considered. For example, to research for new customers on Google and social media sites to get a sense of their personality and taste, a photographer may use a VA. And this is only one of the many tasks that a VA can do for someone in the photography industry.
    30. A Virtual Assistant will help clear up any grey areas and make you seize every opportunity when it emerges, whether you are still coming to grips with the proper functioning of search engines and social media sites or planning for the launch of your new product.

    With thousands of new websites launched across the globe every day, the extensive analysis also means keeping up to date with such continuous innovations so that your own organization can keep up with its rivals fairly.

    Furthermore, using some research methods, some of which have already been listed here, the VA conducts its research work perfectly:
    1.  SurveyMonkey-Conduct surveys that drive your clients’ key insights.
    2.  Google Books-Search to find observations and facts in a large library of scholarly sources and nonfiction books.
    3.  EndNote-An organizational method to format bibliographies and describe the complete text from which your sources derive.
    4. Zotero-Build a “personal research assistant” to search for material that you have already explored.
    5. DeepDyve: Gain access for a flat monthly fee to thousands of high-quality journals.

    Siddhartha Basu

    Siddhartha Basu is a Technical Writer and Senior Virtual Assistant at Task Virtual. He is proud of being VA, advising clients and processing their tasks virtually. Besides, he loves online games, e-book reading, and Yoga.