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    Amazon Virtual Assistant


    Interested in transforming your FBA business today? You’re exactly where you need to be.

                  An effective and productive way to grant the sellers more flexibility in their selling practices is a service provided by Amazon termed as ‘FULFILMENT BY AMAZON’ (FBA), which is a program that provides storage, packaging and shipping assistance of a wide range of products to be sold. Inside this program, the products are set aside in warehouses and the sellers ship their merchandise to an Amazon fulfilment centre until they’re sold to the public. On the placement of your order, Amazon picks, packs, ships and tracks the order for you and takes up the necessary follow up actions to ensure consumer satisfaction. An amazon virtual assistant is an expert of doing the aforementioned task on behalf of your business and thereof enhance productivity.

                  So maybe it’s time to get going and recruit someone who can make life easier, decrease your workload as well as enhance your productivity with his/her exclusive services. Finding someone who is dependable to assist and can help you in your business is a strenuous task but it will definitely prove fruitful for your business in the long run. All you need is an Amazon Virtual Assistant. You need to discover someone who is truthful, a quick learner, an excellent communicator, who is hardworking and who can comply with the instructions given to him/her. When you delegate your daily tasks to skilled and trained experts, you will discover that your business will prosper even more as you move closer to your business’s growth and upliftment.

                 I believe that the more number of VA’s you have in your team, the more amount of benefits it would lead to even if it’s just one person helping for a few hours in a week. Being an entrepreneur, your time is extremely precious and spending it on such managerial tasks isn’t the right thing to do. Therefore, Hiring an Amazon Virtual Assistant would be the best possible solution for you.

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                A virtual assistant is hired by aspiring entrepreneurs to handle various tasks and provide different kinds of services to them, remotely, i.e. from anywhere and everywhere without time being a barrier and with complete flexibility of operations.

                Looking for someone who can make working easier for you, someone to whom you can outsource any mundane tasks that will help you free up your time and focus on spending time on productive tasks? Hiring an Amazon Virtual Assistant is the most high-yielding option for you as it will not only delegate your work but also save your time and energy.

     As quoted by the renowned author, Kim Garst…

                                   “FOCUS ON YOUR STRENGTHS,

                                   DELEGATE YOUR WEAKNESSES”

               When you delegate your work, you free some time to focus on your strengths as well as empower others by delegating your weaknesses. Knowing what you’re good at, what you deserve and what you can achieve will help you optimise your time. Proper analysis plays a major role here or amazon virtual assistants. Your strengths are those things which you really enjoy doing, which utilises your highest skills and experiences and in which you excel whereas your weaknesses are things which tend to put you down and are significantly less effective than your highest skill levels. You definitely don’t wish to undertake tasks which go beyond your ability and you end up procrastinating which will furthermore make things difficult for you. If you carry out work that you’re lousy at, you’re not going to produce the desired good results and you might end up hampering your sanity. So, it’s better to delegate it.

              What’s more? An Amazon Virtual Assistant provides support to your Amazon business anytime and anywhere. They are employed full-time, part-time and on a casual basis i.e. according to the tasks they complete. There are innumerable tasks that a virtual assistant can do from admin creation to content creation, from product sourcing to social media management, whatsoever your creativity stretches to.

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              On assigning responsibilities to a virtual assistant, you must exactly know and understand how to implement or make use of your Va’s skills and have a complete analysis of his/her strengths and weaknesses.

              Below are a few areas where a virtual assistant can help you:

    #1) SERVICE TO THE CUSTOMERS: Providing proper service to the customers is one of the most important aspects in your FBA business. Be it answering your customer’s questions, solving their multiple queries and grievances, responding to every feedback you receive as well as managing any kind of customer service through the benefits of Amazon or E-MAIL. As you know that this task requires regularity and determination, it becomes essential to delegate it out to an Amazon Virtual Assistant lest you’ll have to spend most of your day on it instead of focussing on your remaining work and most importantly prioritising yourself.

    #2) AMAZON: LISTING OPTIMIZATION OR UPGRADATION OF PRODUCT PAGES: As you dive into the vendor forums, you’ll realise that plenty of problems regarding Amazon product listing arise as there is a diversified range of products listed and you don’t have the time to look into any listing issues. They would effectively trace all your product listings and remain attentive throughout this procedure. For instance, when an inventory becomes stale, an Amazon Virtual Assistant takes the necessary follow up actions such as selling it off due to an unexpected drop in the revenues of the inventory. 

    #3) PRODUCT ENHANCEMENT & GRAPHIC DESIGNING : The manifestation your product along with its pictures is a very essential requirement and adds to one of the key aspects of selling any product publicly. Outsourcing this work to an amazon virtual assistant can frame the product in the best possible quality because you can’t just take a random picture of the products and desire for the best sales.

    #4) MANAGEMENT OF SOCIAL MEDIA: In case your virtual assistant is skilled as well as experienced with handling and keeping your social media updated, they can easily help you with writing blog posts, selecting the right pictures, marketing management, paid advertisements, caption selection, responding to messages and replying to consumer feedbacks etc.

    #5) RESEARCH OF THE PRODUCT AND SOURCING: Here, the  amazon virtual assistant will be assigned to discover the products to purchase at a wholesale price in order to promote on Amazon thereby saving your time, money and effort.


    Mainly 80% of the Amazon sellers sell products on Amazon to earn a solid amount of income in order to fulfil their dreams and aspirations of travelling the world, supporting their kids, buying a luxury car, having their own house etc. They’re not only looking for a well-flourished business opportunity but are also focussing on being financially independent. 

    Amazon grants them a great opportunity to do so which is a major reason so as to why people sell their products here.


    According to the sales perspective, a majority of the Amazon sellers have monthly sales of $1000 and some exceptionally good sellers sell up to $250,000 per month which sums up to $3 million annually.


    • The monthly sales of 50.7% Amazon sellers range between $1000-$25000 which sums up to annual sales of $12,000-$300,000.
    • Again, the monthly sales of 20% sellers range between $25,000-$250,000 which sums up to annual sales of $300,000 and $3,000,000.
    • 3.3% Amazon sellers sell more than $250,000 monthly 
    • Approximately, 23.8% of sellers sell under $1,000 per month in sales and
    • 2.1% aren’t aware of their monthly sales.

     The lifetime sales of a majority of the Amazon sellers is more than $100,000 i.e.

    • 20.5% sellers sell between $100,000-500,000
    • 8.3% sellers sell between $500,001-1,000,000
    • 11% sellers sell between $1,000,001-5,000,000
    • 3.2% sellers sell between $5,000,001-10,000,000
    • 4.3% sellers sell between $10,000,001-50,000,000
    • 3% sellers sell more than $50,000,000


     According to the profit perspective, Amazon sellers keep high profit margins, i.e.

    • Approximately, 67.2% sellers keep profit margins more than 10%.
    • 36% sellers keep profit margins greater than 20%.
    • 8.4% sellers do not have a profit yielding business.

    As we are a part of a dynamic environment and mainly profits depend on factors like volume of sales, expenditures in the business etc., they keep on changing throughout the year.

    The lifetime profits of around 43.2% sellers is more than $25,000 and 6% sellers have become millionaires through the advancement of this business.

    • 38.2% sellers make profits under $25,000 
    • 13.3% sellers make profits between $25,000-50,000
    • 8.4% sellers make profits between $50,001-100,000
    • 12.2% sellers make profits between $100,001-500,000
    • 3.5% sellers make profits between $500,001-1,000,000
    • 2.7% sellers make profits between $1,000,001-5,000,000
    • 1.4% sellers make profits between $5,000,000-10,000,000
    • 2% sellers make profits more than $10,000,000

    Amazon is well-renowned for its universal tie-ups and currently has around 300 million active users. It grants you a wide scope for improving your business by offering additional services such as FULFILLMENT BY AMAZON making it a great opportunity for drop shippers.

    Hiring a virtual assistant will help these drop shippers in fulfilling orders, providing customer service and updating the product listings. They will free up your time to help you focus on your business’s growth including negotiating with suppliers, marketing management and paid advertising.

    A Virtual Assistant can manage the following tasks on your behalf as mentioned earlier:

    • Providing essential services to consumers.
    • Managing your social media.
    • Graphic designing & product enhancement.
    • Updating the levels of inventory.
    • Creating blog posts, caption corrections and writing newsletters.
    • Maintaining your website and also its designing.
    • Work related to Search Engine Optimisation 
    • Sending and processing invoices etc.

    It is all about being more productive, using your time and money effectively and improving your business ideals.


              They can absolutely be a saviour of time and can even act as a catalyst that assists you to develop and scale up your FBA business. Hiring an amazon virtual assistant would help you to focus on the aspects which promote growth apart from handling duties which are tedious and excessively time-consuming.

    An efficient Amazon Virtual Assistant not only makes work easier but also reduces your work load whereas an inefficient one can put things off and leave you feeling annoyed and frustrated.

              Here are a few reasons which makes it a necessity for you to hire them for the betterment of your business.

    REASON 1: We are never satisfied with the time we have. Even if we have innumerable hours to work in a day, we tend to seek for someone’s help who can save time, knows the work right and is efficient enough to handle things with utmost sincerity. In fact, as your business tends to expand, it results in two outcomes:

    You spend too much time working in your own business instead of focusing on its growth which leads to no further prosperity whatsoever,


    You’ve to keep sacrificing your personal time due to which it gets frustrating, there is no new inflow of ideas as you’re the only one working and it starts getting toxic for you and your sanity suffers. So, if you hire these experts, you will notice a huge difference as it will not only reduce your expenditures but also save your time and energy.

     REASON 2:  Hiring a virtual assistant is definitely less expensive than hiring a full-time staff member for your business. Virtual assistants are extremely reliable and are just as knowledgeable as any other staff member which makes it a necessity for you to hire them.

              Now that you’ve come across to various reasons behind hiring an Amazon Virtual Assistant, you must get going and hire them as soon as possible to enjoy their exclusive services. Innovativeness of the business comes from people with the need for achievement and as humans and entrepreneurs, your most vital and precious resource is not money, it’s your time and energy.

    Task Virtual is the perfect platform to hire an efficient Amazon Virtual Assistant at reasonable rates. Their team of virtual assistant’s are highly experienced, determined in their work, have an innate understanding in the field of business and technology and have undergone specialised knowledge and skilled training by professionals. I strongly believe that they can handle anything. Hiring an Amazon Virtual Assistant will not only transform your FBA business to its core but also free up your time and help you keep your sanity intact leading to a well-flourished business in near future.

    Siddhartha Basu

    Siddhartha Basu is a Technical Writer and Senior Virtual Assistant at Task Virtual. He is proud of being VA, advising clients and processing their tasks virtually. Besides, he loves online games, e-book reading, and Yoga.