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    Many will tell you that having a social media presence is all about creating a buzz. What they don’t tell you and stays overlooked is creating the buzz is not enough.Knowing what social media really does makes a big difference.Let’s  break down the code and decipher the meaning of social media for you first. Then we will talk about social media marketing and how a VA can be your savior.


    Online platforms and applications  connects you to the digital audience, friends and an online community. It is popularly known as social media to us. So whatever you write, scribble, upload in this community has a potential to spread wide. Every viable source of information or content is helpful to someone or the other in the community. That’s what helps you build a network and create your credibility to customers.

    So what is social media marketing?

    When as fast as platform like social media is available ,then why not turn it into a marketing tool ? Social media marketing helps you to engage your potential customers to talk about anything you feel will excel your business. Creating a strong presence and building an  profound image for your brand is needed. It will help you to  attract a better number of audience . Active participation in social media post and  conversations through chats or comments helps you to understand your potential customers.

    How it helps? 

    you can learn and evolve everyday by keeping a track of  other brands’ social media marketing strategies and techniques. You can reach out directly to your brand customers or rather your target audiences. Assuringly, It will help you  to secure first person responses from them regarding your brand’s image, strength, and weaknesses. You will know exactly what improvements are needed. Also unlike offline marketing, online marketing is not expensive and helps you save that extra penny. Plus the reach that you get with social media marketing is wide and large. It does not stop you on the demographic or logistic arena.

    Now you know the reality and the potential behind social media marketing. It is inevitable for you to get to take the marketing plans ahead. This is exactly where you need the Virtual Assistant!

    Let’s walk you through 10 ways our VA will help you market better on SOCIAL MEDIA 

    Choose the right platform:  Its obvious that in today’s world we all have a busy schedule. You will hardly find time to pick the right platform for social media marketing and promotions. Then why not Leave it to the Virtual Assistant? They will help you to pick up the right platforms from the host of the available ones. From REDDIT, Facebook, Instagram, to a host of apps. The VA helps you choose the platform and use them to grow your business.

    Create an appealing profile: This is the kick start of  social media marketing journey. The online identity you are carrying is happens to be the face of your brand.So allow the VA access your brand image. So that they can  create the right profile for you. This profiles will help you increase the market for your brand.

    Abide by the platform to balance your profile: Just working on a profile is not enough. Adding an appealing touch suiting the platform dynamics is the real deal. For you to know what works in each platform will be a cumbersome task. But a VA knows each platform better than the other. They knows exactly how these different platforms work and how these will help to in online marketing. So assigning the task to them will help you relax, yet get the technically best and sound profiles on each platform.

    Decide on your posting:  Posts are the most vital thing for a better social media marketing .Marketing posts are not as simple as any others post on social media. And a VA once assigned the task knows that how, what, and why the postings will happen. Making them unique for each platform is their task. The VA will arrange the social media posts according to the business strategy to make it more effective.

    Up keeping and scheduling the posts: Tools like Hootsuite, Buffer and Post Planner are vital when you are considering Online marketing for social media. But these tools need regular maintenance . Assign this responsibility to the VA and they will work towards two things at the same time. They will maintain these tools and schedule your posts better using the planners and tools.This not only helps you to maintain a format for your work but also to keep track of everything you are doing for you business today or whatever you will do in future.

    Frequency of posts: Visibility is important, but losing the balance with the number of posts you want to schedule for your social media platforms is very crucial. Alongside your busy routine, checking and maintaining the frequency can become a menace. Instead rely on the VA to do this job efficiently.

    Content for the posts: From blog posts to single line promotional messages. You need to have a foothold and uniform voice when you are talking to your audience via the social media platforms. And that’s why it is good if you assign this duty to the VA and let them professionally handle the content and matter of the posts.

    Appeal with graphics: Everyone has their own skill sets and  to use those for marketing purposes will uplift the way you do the business and actually take you closer to your customers. Thus allow a VA to graphically uplift your social media posts and that would then work wonders to attract more crowds.

    Post what works best: Whether a video works best or a long drawn blog post, is a question you will need answering before proceeding with your social media marketing plans. Thus, leave upon on this task on your VA and let them decide on the post norms.

    Budget out the post demands: The biggest worry you would have while signing on to a marketing plan – is the budget. You can keep the same within a check and still benefit from the best pointers, to lead you ahead with social media marketing. And this all is possible with a VA in attendance. Choosing worthy budget friendly programs is an easy task with the VA on toe.

    So, as a quick sum let’s tell you there are no good way to manage SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING as compared to a VIRTUAL ASSISTANT. From profile set-up, to unique posts and their scheduling. To knowing what works best for each platform, VA’s will give you a complete package and will support you through your marketing schedules, maintenance of the scheduling tools alongside preparing your posts write on time to promote your brand to their right audience.

    So, don’t wait further and hire a VA to help you with social media marketing and then reap the results of a great marketing plan! Are you ready to try out virtual assistance? Sign up for the FREE TRIAL with Task virtual today!