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    va for travel agency

    A virtual assistant is a big boon to travel companies. Currently, thousands of companies have already hired a virtual office assistant for their business. Their demands have enhanced ever since the corona lockdown is initiated.

    A travel company or just a travel agent has a very busy schedule. Staying updated about unpredictable changes in flight costs or ambiances of the considered travel spot could be worrisome.

    Customers nowadays are very sensitive. They will ignore your travel service if you fail to attend their phone calls or any problems. Besides, in situations like coronavirus lockdown, you cannot afford to freeze your business or bear huge expenses over letting employees work from home.

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    Thus you need you to need a virtual assistant to change your life and help your business thrive. Travel business is a promising business if things go smartly.

    So how all this virtual assistant would benefit your travel agency?

    A virtual assistant is a perfect virtual employee of your travel business. he or she can book flights, buses, trains and even find the best deals that can reduce the cost. The best part is that once you hire a virtual assistant company, they will assign agents who will work 24 hours 365 days. Thus, you can leverage them to offer services to international clients.

    As a travel agent or a owner of a travel agency, you will find a virtual assistant helpful in terms of managing your commercial emails and processing administrative services. They can organize your documents in files and even record relevant data in spreadsheets. Moreover, a virtual office assistant can also perform V lookup and H lookup if you have a large database.

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    The biggest advantage of your travel agency can get from a VA is the research work. Suppose you want to know about a place where your clients want to visit. You can ask a virtual assistant to research it and provide details about the place, the motels over there and even the sight scenes famous out there. They can dig further; collecting information about wine stores, bars, and many more.

    Being a travel agency owner you can leverage a virtual assistant in booking appointments of interested prospects. A virtual office assistant can schedule appointments and also screen unwanted calls that might bother you in the middle of work. Furthermore, you can ask them to contact your customers and take relevant information regarding your business. There are many more ways they can help your travel business thrive.

    Another advantage of hiring a virtual assistant for your travel agency will be social media marketing and running essential digital marketing campaigns. Since the travel business relies heavily on marketing in order to make clients reach you. So projecting ad campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube would be a great idea to target potentials leads. The best part is that if you compare the prices offered by a professional e-marketing company and a virtual assistant company. You will indeed find huge differences where the former’s package is lower.

    A virtual assistant helps a travel agency to fire email marketing which is a great way to target potential clients. Since they are experts in such fields of profession you do not need to train them in this part. Besides, you do not have to hire a professional for email management and marketing. They know how to confront unprecedented challenges and the virtual office assistant companies are also equipped with the latest technology and infrastructure to provide the best service.

    A virtual assistant can also maintain your travel blog and adorn the webpage with relevant images and videos. They can research on right places as mentioned by you and write quality content for the same. If you want a blogger to maintain your travel blog then it might become very expensive, however, a virtual office assistant can deliver you the same service but also at affordable rates. This difference is because they are trained in creative writing, administrative services, and even technical skills. So whatever service you demand, based on that you would get the right outcome.

    A virtual assistant can also learn about the new trends of travel agencies popular in a particular year. You can get accurate information about other businesses you would like to connect with. Suppose you are a travel agency wishing to connect with car rental service offering business, online travel booking company etc then they can provide you data over the same and you can sort out which could be better for your choice.

    A virtual assistant can also act as a personal assistant. As your business would expand, you will have many connections and your stress level will also increase. However, a virtual office assistant could do 85% of your work and render a stress free life in your soul. Moreover, as a virtual personal assistant, he or she can find your best deals of if items, movie tickets, baseballs show etc so that you have a peaceful life with your family.

    Last but not the last, being a travel agency owner or just a travel agent, your top benefit is in having a right virtual team of professionals who are trained to handle all types of back-office and front-office services. In this time where Coronavirus is wreaking havoc on Earth, working remotely is the only way a business can survive. Thus, without setting up an infrastructure in your own office or home, you can enhance your productivity with a virtual assistant.

    We’re TaskVirtual, a company dedicated to bringing change in your business productivity. We are a team of Virtual Assistants specialized in handling front and back office works of all companies.


    Siddhartha Basu

    Siddhartha Basu is a Technical Writer and Senior Virtual Assistant at Task Virtual. He is proud of being VA, advising clients and processing their tasks virtually. Besides, he loves online games, e-book reading, and Yoga.