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    save business corona lockdown

    Coronavirus has threatened to unleash World War 3 in this world. The death toll is shooting up and the number of affected people is enhancing every day around the world. Besides the worldwide lockdown has also halted the service of many small to medium-sized businesses and even the top-notch MNCs.

    The stock market has crashed and millions of businesses are forced to freeze work amidst this Coronavirus lockdown. The economy is decimating and tides of questions are still are unanswered.

    Coronavirus has infected more than 01 million and killed over 50000 plus worldwide, according to resources. This dangerous virus outbreak has possibly affected almost every sector of the economy be it Private or Public. Manufacturing, Trading, Retailing, Restaurants, Malls, Museums are forced to cease work in the course of coronavirus lockdown.

    Most of the Countries like Europe, Asia, India, and the United States are under lockdown and are asked to stay indoors to be safe and maintain social distancing. Nations across the world have imposed restrictions on traveling by suspending visas, along with self-quarantine rules to adhere.

    • Is there a cure? What businesses would do to save themselves in such a clouded situation? More importantly, how long there will be lockdown?
    • How long they will engage their employees in the “Work from Home” condition? What is the future of business protection in the bloodshed of coronavirus?
    • Many businesses are shrinking. Their productivity is getting reduced and entrepreneurs are trying to find ways of saving business in the darkness of coronavirus lockdown.

    The world indeed wants a solution to save business fast in this coronavirus lockdown. Time for releasing vague stories and smoky presumptions are over. Businesses are pillar heads of the world economy. If an industry is affected then gradually others have to pay the price.

    Since coronavirus is hot on its wheels, adopting robust logical methods could help in saving business in this coronavirus lockdown

    We have done extensive research for weeks and finally we have come up with some impervious methods that could certainly help in saving a business from the clutches of Coronavirus lockdown situation.

    As an entrepreneur you know, time is more valuable than money. For a business, it is indeed necessary to race against time and protect everything so as to win the battle against the odds.

    How a Virtual Office Assistant can save your business during Coronavirus Lockdown?

    Here are the ways you can adopt if you intend to protect your business in the coronavirus lockdown.

    You can leverage a virtual office assistant company or a freelancer offering the same service. A virtual office assistant or a team of the same could process the majority of your tasks remotely. They will behave like virtual employees and without physical presence they can empower your business productivity.

    They can save your business by working remotely and process administrative tasks, social media marketing, book-keeping, appointment scheduling and many more. Real estate businessmen, doctors, lawyers, etc around the world have already started contacting them and processing their tasks. In the absence of your employees, they can ready to be of your service and help you saving your business stature and keeping productivity afloat.

    The best part is that involving a virtual office assistant means no physical contacts and all tasks are processed remotely. You can hire them for a fixed time schedule and the payment is flexible (pay/hour, pay/project and pay as you go). Thus, you can save yourself and your employees from getting infected in this coronavirus lockdown.

    You, therefore, do not have to arrange for technology and infrastructure so that your employees work from home. Besides, your expenses are saved and the threat of coronavirus lockdown is also minimized.

    As your employees are at home and your works are handled by Virtual Office Assistant, you can disinfect your office leveraging several things. At that time, you can sanitize your office equipment and clean essential places like Washrooms and kitchens. This saves your business from the exposure of coronavirus.

    You can also arrange for necessary precautions based on doctor’s recommendation as in what is to be done to maintain proper hygiene just as your employees would come back after some time.

    As you all know, the world economy is at risk and if you own an e-commerce website then you need to save the business motion and manage it well. You need manpower for product upload, coupon codes, order processing, handling returns etc. Here a virtual office assistant can indeed save your business by updating all necessary products and even write necessary contents that will be displayed once everything turns normal.

    Since a virtual office assistant helps in removing your plan of having a physical space at the moment as everything is under lockdown. A virtual assistant team thus plays the perfect role here in managing inventory, listing products and run the overall operations smoothly from a virtual space where they may not be present physically for you but always virtually.

    In case of any product or service related short training, you can leverage platforms such as  Skype, Zoom, Slack, google hangouts, etc, so you don’t have to be scared about the future of your business in this coronavirus lockdown. This will save your business communication and help in staying touch with essential commercial resources.

    A Virtual office assistant is as skilled as a graphic designer and can also create some great designs, illustrations as they are been trained to use software like Canva. You are here in an advantageous position where you need not hire a graphic designer team whose gonna charge hefty amount for designs while our Virtual Assistant can do this for you at a much more affordable rate and thus saving your business cost and further expenses.

    Each Virtual office assistant is so versatile and skilled that they can help you maintain your work-life balance. When it comes to work front they can help you with maintaining spreadsheets, making PPT’S, recording entries in bookkeeping, manage emails, give you reminders, calendar management, set up meetings and calls, etc. They also help in writing blogs on your website and also in other relevant places.

    But when it comes to Personal front they can also find your affordable travel plans, send gifts to your spouse, friends and family. Since the Virus spread has lead to too many deaths for which you may want to send your condolence message, gifts, flowers, etc, your personal Virtual Assistant can do this on your behalf.

    Last but not the least, working with a virtual executive offers you the flexibility to work from anywhere and at any point of time at any location. You are free to choose your hours, plans and price accordingly. Thus you can leverage them as per your requirement.

    All the businesses have been largely affected by the coronavirus pandemic that’s why most of them are going online with virtual assistant service offering companies. In this unpredictable period of coronavirus lockdown, these people working remotely can indeed save your business from shrinking.

    So the question is how to market your business? Virtual Assistant industry has the answer to all your questions. Your Virtual Assistant can do online marketing, target audiences globally, handle social media with regular posts, online advertising to lure new clients.

    This way your business doesn’t suffer and via online you get potential clients making your business run smoothly. The Internet has the potential to revolutionize the way you reach out and engage with clients.

    SEO is one of the most powerful internet marketing technique that offers a huge variety of benefits. If used wisely, your business will always have an edge over other businesses. Therefore, going online with a virtual office assistant will help you scale your business by leaps and bounds. As you cannot do outdoor marketing, you can indeed save your business by marketing online with VAs.

    In the present scenario, you must go ahead and plan your financials depending on where you want to take your business. Once you are done with planning no virus or any other future breakdowns in the near future will affect you. In the coming times to make your business recession-proof there will be a huge demand for virtual executives to scale the businesses online and saving its expansion.

    World Health Organisation declared Coronavirus a pandemic because of which many companies around the globe have asked their employees to work from home or participate in ceasing work. Working from home could hinder operations flow. Considering the cost involved to handle such a situation, you can go with a virtual office assistant amidst coronavirus fear and kick start your business again.

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    TaskVirtual is taking all its hygienic measures to keep its employees safe at the same time make sure that the productivity of the work is also at par. Each and every Virtual Assistant has to adhere to the rule to work from home in this situation. Clauses have been enabled that will motivate all the clients who are registered with us to be carefree at this point of time. They are one of the top virtual assistant companies who can save your business in this crisis.

    Siddhartha Basu

    Siddhartha Basu is a Technical Writer at Task Virtual. He loves online games, e-book reading, and Yoga.