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    Services-offered by Virtual Assistants

    What are the top 50 Services offered by Virtual Office Assistant? 

    A virtual office assistant is a professional person who offers assistance to different departments of a company and works under their regular payroll. Here we will come to know about the various services that you can get from a virtual assistant.


    1. If you need to pay your bills, you can seek the help of the virtual office assistant. You are required to scan the billing document and mail it to the assistant. The automatic bill pay systems will get the payment online automatically per month. The virtual assistant sets the bill payment system online along with authorization from you. After making the payment, they enter it in the accounting software. You can view the whole transaction from your end also through your computer. 
    2. The virtual office assistant keeps track of your accounts – the payables and the receivables. After the bills are paid, they enter or download the transaction in the respective accounting software. They reconcile your bank statements also, do the credit card transactions entry, prepare the invoices, enter the deposits, and ready the monthly reports.
    3. The invoices that your client’s requirements are handled by the virtual office assistant. You can mail them the number of hours to be billed against each client; the assistant will do the rest. They will prepare the invoices and mail them as well. They will also set up a way to track these transactions. All the dues and receivables are also taken care of by the virtual assistant. They notify the debtor regarding the past dues and also follow them up regularly via telephone.

    Managing And Processing The Data

    1. All the business cards that you have received throughout the month are entered into the database when you scan and mail them to your virtual assistant. They will then mail them to your prospective clients via mail merge after you put in your signature. You may also mail the list of your prospective leads to your virtual office assistant, and they send an introductory mail to all of them. 

    2. If you wish to directly make a mail broadcast and also need to find out the prospects as well, and also you have contact information that is incomplete, you can mail the list of your clients to you, virtual office assistant. They will call each and every person on the list and verify the name, title, spelling, address, and refill all the missed information in the database. They will revert the completed list to you via mail

    Electronic Newsletters and E-Zines

    1. A quarterly newsletter can be published via the virtual office assistant when you provide them with the content. They will write articles. They will also design and prepare the newsletter, and the labels, and mails it to your mailing list by using an electronic newsletter program.

    2. If you wish to raise the subscriber number for your electronic newsletter, the virtual office assistant will list the newsletter with a wide range of online directories, will contact other owners on the subject, and inquire about the mutual cross-promotion. They also make sure that the listings are authentic.

    Event Management

    1. When you need to do a teleseminar or webinar, the virtual office assistant sets the seminar for you, interacts with the speakers, do a technical check on the whole and with you and the other presenters. During the ongoing event, they monitor the whole program and solve any issue that comes up during the event. They do the recording and make arrangements to sell or share the teleseminar as per requirement.

    2. When you require searching for a venue for a recent conference, seminar, or event, the virtual office assistant researches about all the venues. They contact each of the possible venues to find out about its availability, size, and specifics. They obtain the written quotes, jots them, compares them, and make a report so that you can decide.

    3. The virtual office assistant remains in contact with the speakers and VA keeps in touch with speakers and makes announcements regarding the event, and also keeps track of the positive and negative responses and reminds them.

    4. The virtual office assistant arranges and coordinates all the things necessary for executing the event successfully starting from the types of equipment, the staff, the hosts who will greet and register the guests’ names, and many more.

    Graphic Presentation

    1. Whenever you need a presentation via PowerPoint for a seminar or a meeting, your virtual office assistant can do it for you. You can fax them the concept and design via mail. They will ready the slides in the PowerPoint software and arrange for a slide show at your convenience before the venue. 

    Web Marketing And Social Media

    1. Do you have a Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn page, but is apprehensive about how to use them for product promotion? The virtual office assistant will research and find out the exact place where prospective clients can be found online. They will also assist you to join in the social media groups who belong to your business fraternity. They will also help you to project yourself as an expert in your filed by guiding you on how to answer the questions on these sites perfectly.

    2. The virtual office assistant will also help you to use the blogs and posts pertaining to your industry so that you can enhance your visibility online in these sites. The articles that you have written containing tips and ideas for your clients are filtered by them. They select the shortest, exactly to the point posts for this purpose. 

    3. If you genuinely feel that you need to have your personalized presence felt in the world of social media, but don’t have much time, then the virtual office assistant can help you in this. They will set up for you a free, simple, social networking and micro-blogging web service that lets you to post to multiple sites at the same time.

    4. If you want to organize your personal Facebook page to a business page, then the virtual office assistant can create it for you. They will develop it with an attractive design with your company’s logo on it. You can then use it as a professional platform to post your business posts. They will also ask your clients to like your page to increase their ratings.

    5. The virtual office assistant will help you to determine who your fans are on Facebook and what exactly interests them regarding you. 

    Support For Marketing

    1. The virtual office assistant helps you to make and apply the marketing plans, helps to submit ads as per deadline, track the dates of their expiry, track payment, and handle advertisement correspondence, and much more. They also do business promotions for you and format press releases for the local, national and international media.

    2. The virtual office assistant selects the perfect sales brochure for you and updates them with your personal details. They also inform you about the type of brochure requested so that the prospective clients can be targeted easily. 

    3. If you want to monitor the level of satisfaction of your customers, the virtual office assistant does this flawlessly. They create a customer feedback questionnaires, mails them to your clients, and analyze the feedback. Then they generate a report on the same and send a report to you.

    4. When you wish to host a seminar and want to learn about each of the customers through a questionnaire fact sheet, you can send the same to your virtual office assistant along with the client list. Then they will call each participant for email id, post the questionnaire, organizes all the responses, and summarizes them in a report form for you.

    Mails and E-mails

    1. When you want to use your e-mail software program, your virtual office assistant will assist you through all its features like filters, auto-reply, etc, in detail.

    2. If you travel very often and come back with numerous mails, and miss out on the important correspondence, then you can forward them to the post office box near your virtual office assistant. They will open them and review and sort the urgent ones, responds to the routine, and forwards the unimportant ones to your office.

    3. If managing your e-mail becomes impossible and you start missing the important ones, then ask your virtual office assistant to manage it on your behalf. They will set up a general e-mail account in your company’s name; gather all the e-mails there, sort them, and respond to the routine requests, and will forward the most vital ones in your personalized e-mail account.

    4. Going for a vacation and do not want to miss out on the vital messages? Don’t worry your virtual office assistant will download all your e-mails, or you can also forward these to them. They will inform all about your future availability and only contact with the most urgent messages.

    5. You want something automatic who can respond to all the standard requests coming on your website. The virtual office assistant sets an autoresponder, monitors, and creates a database of who, and how many, are asking for information.

    Resources – Personalized and Human

    1. Thinking of hiring an employee? You, virtual office assistant, chalk down the ad and posts for you. They receive and go through all the resumes, and do the preliminary telephonic interview. Then they come up with a list of the best ones and then arranges for an interview with you. Simple, isn’t it?

    2. You can also carry out the employment procedure with the help of your virtual office assistant. You can forward the applications to them, who in turn will verify all the details and particulars of the candidate given in the resume, and reports on all the findings to you.

    3. When you require a reminder for getting an annual performance review for your employee(s), the virtual office assistant keeps track of the dates and sends periodical reminders to you on this.

    4. When you need assistance on payroll, the virtual office assistant crosschecks on whether all the requirements for the payroll have been met with, like the taxes and forms, etc.

    Managing Projects

    1. When you have huge manpower to control and become exhausted in spending all your vital time making sure that they carry out their tasks, your virtual office assistant can help you to carry on smoothly. They keep in contact with each one online making sure that everyone is working towards their deadlines. They update you regularly via mail and let you check through online tools.

    Procuring and Purchasing

    1. The virtual office assistant sets an online account on behalf of you with the suppliers. They work with you and your accountant to set the credit lines for the vendors and track the current credit information accurately.

    2. If you want to keep track of the stationery and supplies for your office, then you can ask the virtual office assistant to help. They list on the office supplies on regular use and maintain the inventory on them. They check on the quantity and guides you when to reorder. While purchasing new software, office equipment, or office products, a virtual office assistant research on the different makes and models and their versions. They contact the different vendors, get the price details. They also make sure that the product suits your requirements, and creates a report on the findings for you. They then purchase the items for you. If the item as to be set up on-site, they make arrangements and detail you with date, time, and travel information.

    Assistance In Real Estate

    1. If you are a seller, then the virtual office assistant readies the package for pre-listing and pre-sale. They also prepare the resume of your past sales; testimonials of the clients; price advice, and other important points to ponder. You send them the details f the seller info and they print and send the package. These give you an advantage in listing the appointments and decrease their length.

    2. If you need a flyer for your latest listing, mail the virtual office assistant with the room details and images. As they are skilled in the programs specific for the real-estate, they enhance the photos and writes text to romance the listing. Then they e-mail the flyer to your clients and the interested parties.

    3. Are you planning to give a special touch to your real estate business over your rivals by providing a virtual tour on your property? Then your virtual office assistant arranges for a detailed visual tour of your homes for sale and creates an amazing web-based commercial using your still images. If you want to send personal thanks to those who have made client referrals to you, to make sure that they remember you, you can appoint a virtual office assistant to create a cute note of thank you and send them on your behalf.


    1. If you are setting a target to make an online presence, the virtual office assistant researches on your prospective clients, and industry-related groups and organizations you can join in for it. They do all the brainstorming to establish you as an expert in your field of action. It is part of a business strategy to find out what your competitors are doing, thinking and saying about you. The virtual office assistant sets a tracking system to find that out accurately.

    2. If you wish to sell your business success tools and seminars, the virtual office assistant does the research on the targeted industry and prepares a list of the companies, makes a call to the contacting individual, prepares mails, and introductory material. After a particular time, they call to check whether the information has reached them or not and schedules a sales call as well.

    Telephonic and Secretarial Services

    1. Do you need to confirm the weekly sales appointments? Mail the list to your virtual office assistant. They will set the appointments, jot down the confirmed list and trace all those who must be rescheduled, and mails the list back to you. 

    2. If you have piles of paper documents on your desk that you don’t know what to do with, your virtual office assistant can definitely come to your rescue. Mail them in a fat envelope and they will segregate them and label them topic wise accordingly. 

    3. They will also create a master list on the segregated topics, and send them back for your record. While making sure that you have a backup for your computer or a particular file, you can very well mail or e-mail a copy of it to your virtual office assistant for safekeeping. If a disaster happens, your files will remain in safe custody.

    4. If you travel frequently, your virtual office assistant coordinates everything regarding your travel, starting from renting cars to hotel reservations. If you go for a vacation, or are frequently out of the office, but have to stay updated on important business matters and attend the calls, then these assistants always come to your aid.

    5. If you don’t have the time to check your voice mail regularly, you can use the feature of call forwarding to putting through your calls to your virtual office assistant. They will record your voice mails of the urgent messages and they may contact your assistant later on. They will answer your calls, respond to routine tasks, and updates you with important messages.


    Sometimes your telephonic conversation like the conference calls, telecalls is recorded. The virtual office assistant records the call and transcribes it later on for the participants. The dictated letters, memos, or interviews are also recorded digitally. They transcribe the recording, print your letters on your stationery, and mails them the next day. Then they e-mail you a copy of the verbatim interview.

    Website Design, Development, Maintenance

    1. A business always needs a web presence, but it can be very expensive to appoint a top web design company for this. A virtual office assistant, who is skilled in things like HTML coding, can easily design, develop, and put up a professional website for you and save thousands. You also need to make changes to your website.

    2. A virtual office assistant can edit or upload new information to your website, whether the site was created by them or by someone else. Simple text changes on your website are required when new products, services, or event announcements are added. They create websites using WordPress or other templates, letting you make the necessary changes easily and promptly all by yourself.

    3. When you need to promote your website, they perform the keyword research for you, do website optimization to generate search engine traffic, and submit URLs, keywords and descriptions in online directories. If you really want to improve your web traffic with related links, the virtual office assistant will contact similar sites and ask them to exchange links mutually.

    4. All the entrepreneurs hope that their clients find them in the website and revert back to them immediately. A virtual office assistant is immensely knowledgeable about Search Engine Optimization and can position you well within the search engines. They make regular updates daily to keep your website alive and checks regularly for broken links and errors.

    5. If you are involved in training or do coaching sessions or sell e-books or other publications, the virtual office assistant sets up and maintains an online shopping cart to manage e-commerce. They update the product information, create campaigns for marketing, and track the inventory, orders, etc.

    6. For the creation of videos and podcasts for your website, for editing and updating the ones you have, the virtual office assistant arranges the recordings and uploads videos and audios for your site. If your website looks old fashioned, then the virtual assistant designs new logos, backgrounds, and fonts for it.

    Word Processing

    When you take notes at meetings, it requires to be typed. The virtual office assistant doe the typing and e-mails them back to you. Especially when you need to send a series of letters, you can send the handwritten drafts or dictate the topic via the phone to them, who will type them, e-mail them to you for correction, print them, and email them back to you.

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